The Dangers of Asbestos

Recently the published a profile about Asbestaway.

Within this blog post, they discussed the history of Asbestos and how for over 4,000 years, this highly toxic material was used by human civilisations.

The also profiled our range of Asbestos removal services. Today we’d like to expand on some of the points raised by the

A History of Asbestos

Historians believe that asbestos -- in one form another -- has been mined by humans for at least 4,000 years.

Artefacts from ancient Finish tribes show that asbestos was originally used to strengthen cooking and eating utensils.

It wasn’t until the early 19th century, that asbestos began to be used as a building material.

The use of asbestos in the building trade soared through-out the 19th century. Hailed as the “Miracle Material” asbestos was used as a sound dampener and as an insulation material.

Although the health risks associated with asbestos were coming to light in the 1920s and 1930s, it wasn’t until the 1990s that an outright ban on using asbestos was enforced in most countries.

Dangers of Asbestos

Asbestos can cause serious harm to human health if not handled correctly. Asbestos that is disturbed or moved -- after being discovered -- can cause microscopic fibres to enter the atmosphere. When these fibres are breathed in by a human, serious damage can be caused to the person’s respiratory system.

With the above in mind, it can be quite literally a matter of life and death, when dealing with asbestos.

Disposal of Asbestos

Only a professional asbestos removal company should ever attempt to remove asbestos. The actual removal of the asbestos must be completed in accordance with strict guidelines. The disposal of the asbestos-contaminated building materials must also be completed in accordance with European and Irish environmental guidelines and laws. Our team of asbestos removal experts provide clients with expert asbestos removal services in Cork.

If you need more information please visit our asbestos services page, which details our asbestos removal procedures.

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